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Camacho Diploma Special Selection series takes what long-time aficionados loved about the brand’s early, cult-classic creations and adds a new level of sophistication, as each cigar features some of the finest tobaccos available with unparalleled craftsmanship. The latest release — Diploma Black Special Selection — will rock your socks off!

Like its predecessors, these are rolled with a recipe of 100% Original Corojo long-fillers, taken from only the highest primings of the tobacco plant. New to the Diploma Black Special Selection, you’ll see each features a dark, decadent Maduro wrapper that brings the luxury to the whole next-level, with layer upon layer of luscious flavor and full-tilt spiciness. This remarkable blend has unmistakable flavor and boldness, unlike anything Camacho has released in the past. Expect a full body with notes of red peppers, bourbon, and roasted coffee bean. Be sure to secure your box of Camacho Diploma Black Special Selection before they sell out!

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