Archetype initiation corona

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Ah, Initiation. A word that instantly transports me back to college, fraternities, and the crazy ass stunts we pulled under what would now be called “hazing.” Luckily, this cigar from Archetype isn’t here to make you eat a goldfish. No sir, instead, Archetype Initiation is an adventure in the art of nuanced flavor, presenting an Ecuadorian Habano wrapped blend that any cigar enthusiast can enjoy. 

If you love Habano, Initiation is the cigar for you. From filler to binder to wrapper, every single leaf in this beauty is fine Habano tobacco. The profile weighs in at a comfortable medium, with floral and citrus notes leading the charge for most of the burn. A step up from most Connecticuts on the market, Initiation would make a perfect choice for the new cigar enthusiast who’s looking to try something a bit more complex. 

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