Archetype axis mundi toro

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The creative minds at Ventura Cigar and Drew Estate have put their heads together and created the cigar of your dreams—or at least, the cigar of your unconscious.

Archetype Axis Mundi is named for the repeating characters, symbols or archetypes said to recur in people’s dreams, items that appear in the myths of various cultures. So a cigar was formulated to appeal to the collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) of all cigar smokers. It’s a bit of a lofty, meta-cerebral concept, but the cigar is delicious.

The Indonesian binder bridges Ecuadoran wrapper and Nicaraguan fillers to produce rich layers of coffee bean, caramel and nuttiness. A hint of cedar manages to manifest itself as well, making the Archetype Axis Mundi Toro a no-brainer.

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