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Altar Q by Oscar Valladares is how he pays respect to the history and magnitude of the Mayan Empire. The cigar takes its name from a sculpted stone block recovered at the Mesoamerican archaeological site in Copán (now present-day Honduras), a culturally important piece of art that dates to 776 AD and features inscriptions that were etched over a period of 350 years.

The Mayan connection is evident on Altar Q’s ornate box art and protective sleeves, similar to the carvings on the stone; adding to the mystique, this Oscar cigar is comprised of Honduran tobaccos grown in the same region where the stone was discovered – along with Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.

The result is a decadent, medium-bodied cigar that offers flavors of coffee, nuts, and spice, embellished with some of the most visually striking packaging you’ll find. A nod to one of the most influential cultures in human civilization; order your box of Altar Q by Oscar Valladares today!

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