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Sun Grown, baby! 

Back in 2004, Rafael Nodal and his wife vacationed in Spain. I promise – the story gets more interesting. While there, Rafael discovered an aging process for wine, beer, and brandy called… you guessed it, the “Solera” process. And being the tobacco man he was, Nodal couldn’t wait to apply this unique aging process to premium cigars. Enter Solera: a full line of premiums from Aging Room, featuring four distinct wrappers and unique flavors across the board. 

The Aging Room Solera Sun Grown is a medium-bodied iteration of the blend. Once lit, you’ll find notes of maple, slight nuttiness, and a citrusy zest. It’s a bright a lively cigar, one that performs beautifully on its own, but just does as well with a nice glass of rum or bourbon to accompany it. Picking a favorite in this line would be a tough choice: but Sun Grown is certainly in the conversation. 

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