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Just when you thought the folks at ACID have run out of blending ideas, comes ACID One cigars. In a class by itself, with a long, fuse-like cap that seals an African Cameroon wrapper, the tobaccos and fillers are cured in a traditional, Nicaraguan ceremonial wine.

As the tannins caramelized in the tobaccos, the result is a cigar that’s light and aromatic from end to end with an enticing aroma. 

“This cigar has to be one of my new favorites,” said Giuseppe in Philadelphia, PA. “The complexity of the flavors that come from the wine form an amazingly unique flavor profile. I highly recommend trying this cigar.” 

We agree with Giuseppe’s advice. If you’re an ACID disciple, be sure to add One to your next order. Better make that a box, or at least a 5-pack.

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