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ACID Kuba Kuba cigars are some of the most popular infused and flavored cigars on the market, and with good reason. Drew Estate takes the approach of creating a great Nicaraguan cigar first, and introducing the flavoring after.

The closely guarded secret of what natural, botanical oils are used for the extremely unique taste and aroma may only be known by a handful of people, but how amazing this cigar smokes is known by many.

Much like the other cigars in the ACID blue label line such as the Blondie and 1400cc, the 5 x 54 Kuba Kuba is one of the most fragrant and flavorful of the entire Drew Estate brand.

Before even bringing flame to the foot, your mouth is enveloped in a sweetness which continues throughout the entire smoke.

Each puff you take covers your palate in not only the wonderful tastes of premium tobacco, but also floral notes as well. The aroma that fills the room from the smoke of this well-crafted cigar are enticing to smoker and non-smoker alike.

If you haven’t tried a flavored cigar or have only tried a handful of other brands, ACID Kuba Kuba is the perfect one to get. The flavor is amazing, the construction is great, and on top of all that, at you are getting some of the best cigar prices online.

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