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ACID Blondie Gold is one of the newest cigars from Jonathan Drew and company down in Nicaragua and is one of the most anticipated additions to the world-famous ACID brand.

Introduced at the 2017 IPCPR Convention along with a handful of other new sizes, including Kuba Kuba Green, Blondie Red, and Blondie Candela, Blondie Gold is at the forefront of the bunch for the simple reason that it features an amazing Indonesian Sumatra wrapper leaf—a new frontier of sorts for the ACID cigars.

Beneath this prized leaf sits the original, long-celebrated ACID blend of infused tobaccos, cured for months in aroma rooms lined with more than 150 varieties of oils, botanicals, and herbs. Blondie Gold proves to be a major player in the ACID lineup, appealing to original fans of the world’s most unique cigars as well as those with more traditional tastes alike.

 ACID Blondie Gold is a 4” x 38 petite corona, which, like all ACID cigars, is precision-crafted to ensure a reliable draw, a razor-sharp burn, and billowing clouds of delicious smoke.

ACID cigars appeal to each palate a bit differently, but the flavor profile generally consists of a wild ride of twists and turns, featuring notes of floral varieties, fruity sweetness, and boatloads of herbs and spices.

The Medium-full-bodied Indonesian Sumatra wrapper leaf takes the edge off of the blend, so to speak, toning down the wild side just a bit in favor of the rich, earthy nuance of the golden brown tobacco. The overall result is quite pleasant, containing both unusual flavors and traditional goodness all in one package.

 ACID cigars are appropriate for cigar freaks of all experience levels; all you need is an open mind. ACID Blondie Gold is medium-full-flavored and is well tolerated by all different types of cigar connoisseurs, even those who have been somewhat opposed to flavor cigars in the past. It pairs well with tea or any light-bodied beverage and is quickly finished in 20-30 minutes due to its compact size.

If you like Blondie Gold, you may want to look into not only the original ACID blends, but also ACID Krush, which is a lineup of smaller ACID cigars with less intense flavor for those who want a quick smoke along with a heck of an experience.

After all these years, ACID by Drew Estate remains at the forefront of flavored cigars, and Blondie Gold is the latest and greatest, so get your hands on a few and see what new things Jonathan Drew and friends have to offer.

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