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Rocky Patel Cigars: Making A Name In The Industry

Are you familiar with Rocky Patel cigars? Have you tried smoking one of their boutique cigars? How do you find it? Do you consider it one of the finest cigars around?

As compared to the other cigar brands that have already made history with the many years they have behind them, Rocky Patel cigars can be considered new, young, and a breed that is still establishing its place in the cigar market – as well as making its mark in cigar history.

This is not to say that Rocky Patel cigars pale compared to the other more established cigar brands out there – suffice it to say that it is a brand that is evolving and getting better and better with its cigar offerings.

Rocky Patel Cigars – A Brief History

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Rakesh Rocky Patel started out smoking cigars around the year 1990. It was then that he learned to love cigars – and at about the same time, a business opportunity caused him to invest in a cigar manufacturing company together with another partner.

That company then was Indian Tabac and Rocky Patel divided his time with this cigar business venture with his law practice. He was also involved in the cigars’ marketing then, even without first-hand knowledge on the actual blending of the cigars he brought to the market.

The first few cigar products were the Indian Boxer, the Chief, and the Limited Reserve Line – all under the Indian Tabac brand.

With what Rocky Patel termed as cool and hip packaging that he came up with for these cigars; they did well at the first trade show in Cincinnati that they participated in – and the same colorful packaging concept was used at an Orlando show in 1997 that also proved to be a hit.

It was also around 1997 when Rocky Patel’s taste for cigars evolved and became more sophisticated. He realized that the tobacco they got was okay. His partner’s cigars made for the Indian Tabac cigar lines were quite satisfactory – but lacked the specific quality he was looking for in a cigar.

Eventually, Rocky Patel bought out his partner and took sole ownership of the company.

He also took it upon himself to study and learn the ropes of cigar making – spending a lot of time in Nicaragua and Honduras – if only to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise on the nature of tobaccos and the art of cigar making.

This took him about four to five years to learn the stuff, after which he pursued his cigar business full time.

Then came about the emergence of Rocky Patel cigar product lines. These cigars have benefited from his newfound knowledge of the necessary & critical requirements to develop good quality cigars.

The quality of the tobacco leaf, the natural fermentation process, the proper folding procedure, and many more essential techniques have given Rocky Patel cigars the quality many cigar enthusiasts are looking for.

Quality All Throughout

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Rocky Patel has also implemented these techniques on his Indian Tabac cigar product lines, improving their quality and providing an excellent value for cigar aficionados out there.

Rocky Patel’s blends can be characterized as having a rich, complex, full-bodied, and balanced taste. With such quality cigars, the Rocky Patel brand would in no time mark its name on history.

If you haven’t tried a Rocky Patel premium cigar, you owe it to yourself to give them a shot. Anyone interested in cigar smoking should definitely include Rocky Patel in their “to smoke” list.

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Here are some of our favorite Rocky Patels:

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